Sapiosexuals: are some individuals actually solely sexually drawn to intelligence?

Sapiosexuals: are some individuals actually solely sexually drawn to intelligence?

Sapiosexuals: are some individuals actually solely sexually drawn to intelligence?

Marlène Schiappa … a self-confessed sapiosexuelle.

Marlène Schiappa … a self-confessed sapiosexuelle.
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Title: Sapiosexuals.

Age: About 20.

Look: not essential.

Why not essential? As a result of it’s all about what’s on the within.

What’s on the within? Brains, child.

I don’t get it. Am I lacking one thing? I’ll maintain it easy for you: we sapiosexuals are sexually drawn to extremely smart individuals, no matter appears.

What do you imply “we”? There are many us. The French equality minister, Marlène Schiappa, confirmed that she is “sapiosexuelle” in an interview.

How did the topic come up? She was being requested a few novel she had written, during which the heroine finds the previous French prime minister Alain Juppé unbelievably attractive.

That is nonsense, certainly. No. The time period was apparently coined in 1998, “sapiens” being the Latin phrase for “smart”.

I knew that. Sapiosexuals are sexually aroused by mental debate, deep considering and lengthy conversations about literature.

No they aren’t. Don’t knock it simply since you’ve by no means skilled it.

Are you calling me silly? By no means thoughts … you might have pretty eyes.

Is anybody critically suggesting that this qualifies as a sexual orientation? Properly, it’s as a lot as an identification as autosexuality.

It feels like a pretentious excuse for having an unpleasant boyfriend with no sense of humour. The time period has attracted some criticism prior to now from individuals who say it reinforces simplistic and outmoded definitions of intelligence, and that it discriminates in opposition to neurodiversity.

I’m fairly certain that’s kind of what I used to be saying. However the time period has positively caught on in recent times. About 0.5% of customers on the courting web site OkCupid establish as sapiosexual.

I suppose this emphasis on the thoughts over outward look is refreshing, however I’m nonetheless suspicious. Since you suppose the excellence says extra in regards to the individual claiming it than the individuals they’re drawn to?

No, it’s simply that, intelligent as I’m, I might somewhat that somebody beloved me for my cheekbones. Don’t fear, I’m certain the proper shallow fool will come alongside at some point.

Fingers crossed. Anyway, you most likely don’t have to be a sapiosexual with the intention to love a sapiosexual.

Perhaps not. Are they taller than me? I’ll verify and allow you to know.

Do say: “It’s best to message me in the event you like 19th-century novels, quantum mechanics, opera and politics. And have by no means seen Love Island, like I by no means have.”

Don’t say: “What’s the phrase for being sexually drawn to individuals with plenty of cash?”



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